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Welcome to the online home of the Michigan Truck and Tractor Pullers.  Feel free to look around our website for information, results, photos, videos, and more.

Truck and tractor pulling is a motorsport competition where the drivers attempt to pull a weight transfer sled down a 300+ft course. Using varying stock and modified trucks and tractors, the winner of each class is determined not by speed, but by who can pull the sled the farthest. Successful pulls require a combination of HP, torque, traction, and driver skill. Unlike most forms of competition, these competitors have no practice and only get one chance to make their pull.

Once the sled is hooked up and the green flag is given, the driver must drag the sled down the course. At the beginning the weight is directly over the sled axle. As the sled moves down the track the weight is transferred forward pushing the front of the sled into the ground until the vehicle can no longer overcome the resistance and is brought to a stop.

Varying forms of these powerful vehicles travel to your town to make for an unmatched level of competition and excitement. Come watch as this battle of raw power, engineering, and skill takes place at an event near you.

This years schedule and past results are on the events page. For a list of rules please head to our rules section. To see the different vehicles that compete, check out the classes here.

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